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China's G20 Momentum
Next year, the world's other economic superpower will assume the presidency of the G-20 and host its annual summit. Though China's leadership will, it is hoped, lack the drama of 2009, President Xi Jinping will undoubtedly make an impression of his own. If he did not miss the opportunity to advance the goal of an Asia-Pacific trade agreement while hosting last year's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, he certainly will not pass up the chance to ensure that the G-20 agenda serves China...
Domenico Lombardi is an expert on international monetary relations, the global economy, and G-20 and G-8 summits. His current research focuses on the global financial crisis, the European crisis, and the reform of the international monetary system. He has published several peer-reviewed articles and books and his research has been quoted in Congressional and Parliamentary hearings around the world. Domenico is a regular commentator in the leading international press and on major TV networks.
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