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China's G20 Momentum
Next year, the world's other economic superpower will assume the presidency of the G-20 and host its annual summit. Though China's leadership will, it is hoped, lack the drama of 2009, President Xi Jinping will undoubtedly make an impression of his own. If he did not miss the opportunity to advance the goal of an Asia-Pacific trade agreement while hosting last year's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, he certainly will not pass up the chance to ensure that the G-20 agenda serves China...


Ukraine Stuck on an IMF Dripfeed a Year after Crimea Seizure, Reuters, March 20, 2015   Printed Press

Ukraine Bailout Faces Huge Risks, Agence France Press, March 13, 2015   Printed Press

Le FMI prête 5 milliards à l'Ukraine malgré le « niet » de la Russie, Le Figaro, March 13, 2015   Printed Press

Clouds Hang over International Aid Plan for Ukraine, Agence France Press, February 20, 2015   Printed Press

Il G20 Allunga una Mano ad Atene, le Borse Ci Credono, Il Foglio, February 11, 2015   Printed Press

IMF Proposes Deadline on Governance Shift After U.S. Impasse, Bloomberg, January 28, 2015   Printed Press

Ukraine Headache Grows for IMF, Agence France Press, January 24, 2015   Printed Press

Il Contagio Greco Allarma Piu' Draghi che la Merkel, Il Foglio, December 30, 2014   Printed Press

U.S. Won’t Ease Sanctions to Stem Russia’s Economic Crisis, Bloomberg, December 16, 2014   Printed Press

Financial Risks Cloud G20 Meeting, Australian Financial Review, November 14, 2014   Printed Press

At G-20 Summit, U.S. Likely To Press Others To Help Lift Global Economy, Los Angeles Times, November 13, 2014   Printed Press

IMF Reforms Threatened by Republican Electoral Sweep, Agence France Press, November 09, 2014   Printed Press

“Alla Fine Sara' Berlino a Uscire dall’Euro”. Un Autorevole Leak, Il Foglio, October 28, 2014   Printed Press

India's Modi Names Rajan Ally as Chief Economic Adviser, Reuters, October 16, 2014   Printed Press

Bonus for Cost-Cutting World Bank CFO Badre Mystifies Staff, Bloomberg, October 01, 2014   Printed Press

L'Europa in Cerca di un Assist Commerciale per la Ripresa. Berlino Frena, Il Foglio, September 24, 2014   Printed Press

Canada's Ratification of Investment Accord a Positive Signal, Xinhua, September 19, 2014   Printed Press

Lagarde to Explain Role in French Legal Case to IMF’s Board, Bloomberg, August 28, 2014   Printed Press

Lagarde Charge Raises Ghosts of Scandal at IMF, Agence France Press, August 27, 2014   Printed Press

BRICS Bank May Change World Power, Xinhua, July 29, 2014   Printed Press

BRICS Nations Launch Development Bank and Reserve Fund, Central Banking, July 16, 2014   Printed Press

BRICS Nations Reach Historic Accord, Toronto Star, July 16, 2014   Printed Press

BRICS Fight Waning Clout With $150 Billion Deal at Summit, Bloomberg, July 14, 2014   Printed Press

Argentina's Fight with Creditors Fails to Spoil Investor Appetite, Financial Times, June 19, 2014   Printed Press

Come E' Diversa l'Italia dalla Sua Nazionale, Linkiesta, June 16, 2014   Printed Press

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