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Kleptocrats' Loot Could Rebuild Ukraine
...The linkage of assistance and asset recovery would provide economic and financial relief to fragile reformers, and it would offer political relief and a real demonstration of global solidarity...An effective international effort will only work if ordinary people -- workers and voters in poorer countries -- see that they benefit quickly and directly from the restoration of financial honesty.


IMF Urges Congress to Back Reforms Giving Fund More Clout, Los Angeles Times, April 12, 2014   Printed Press

U.S. Wonít Be Able to Coax G-20 into Action, MarketWatch.Com April 10, 2014   Printed Press

IMF: World Economy Gains but Faces Threats from Too-Low Inflation, Associated Press, April 07, 2014   Printed Press

Ukraine Seen As Risky Bet for IMF, Agence France Press, March 28, 2014   Printed Press

UK Shakes Up Bank of England with Three New Top Policy Appointments, Reuters, March 19, 2014   Printed Press

Renziís Ä10bn Tax Cut Plan to Kick-Start Italy, The Times, March 13, 2014   Printed Press

Il Tecno-Politico Padoan, Pro Riforme a Roma e Anti Status Quo in UE, Il Foglio, February 22, 2014   Printed Press

First Among Men, The Canberra Times, February 14, 2014   Printed Press

Cosa Succede Se l'Inflazione Continua a Scendere, Panorama, February 07, 2014   Printed Press

Stati Uniti contro Paesi Emergenti, Volano Stracci tra Banchieri Centrali, Il Foglio, February 01, 2014   Printed Press

Altro Che Ripresa, Vi Spiego Perche' l'Eurozona E' nell'Occhio del Ciclone, Formiche.Net, January 30, 2014   Printed Press

Un Foro per le Crisi del Debito Sovrano, Il Sole 24 Ore, January 29, 2014   Printed Press

Lagarde Cautions Davos on Global Deflation Risk, Bloomberg, January 26, 2014   Printed Press

Think-Tank Raises Heat in Sovereign Debt Debate, Financial Times, January 16, 2014   Printed Press

Europa Modello Lehman Brothers? Se Ne Parla al Fmi, Il Foglio, January 16, 2014   Printed Press

US Fails to Approve IMF Reforms, Financial Times, January 14, 2014   Printed Press

Lew Will Push EU to Avoid Race to Bottom on Finance Rules, Bloomberg, January 06, 2014   Printed Press

Inside North Korea: Could the Kaesong Complex Give Hope for the Future?, Daily Telegraph, December 24, 2013   Printed Press

Inter-Korean Factory Park Tough Sell to Outsiders, Associated Press, December 19, 2013   Printed Press

Argentina Said to Win Lagarde Reprieve on Data Sanctions, Bloomberg, November 14, 2013   Printed Press

Obama to Nominate Janet Yellen to Lead Federal Reserve, Los Angeles Times, October 08, 2013   Printed Press

Stalled IMF Reforms Could Leave Fund on Shaky Ground, Reuters, October 02, 2013   Printed Press

G-20 Leaders Agree on Remedies for Global Economy, Los Angeles Times, September 06, 2013   Printed Press

G20 Countries to Share Tax Records to Crack Down on Cheats, The Globe and Mail, September 06, 2013   Printed Press

G-20 Weighs Stimulus End as BRICS Plan $100 Billion Fund, Bloomberg, September 05, 2013   Printed Press

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